The Best 4 Home Cinema Systems of 2019

Each of us wanted to have the highest performance from our TVs, to the point of trying to own our own home cinema system. Often, however, it happens that the choice of the best equipment, or at least more suitable for your needs, is not easy to identify.

What follows will be a small list of the best home cinema systems of 2019 and, more specifically the best four, so as to make the choice of each buyer as easy as possible.

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  1. Top 4 Best Home Cinema Systems of 2019
    1. Samsung Q90 QLED TV
    2. LG C9 OLED Series
    3. Samsung Q900R QLED TV
    4. Sony Bravia AG9 OLED

Top 4 Best Home Cinema Systems of 2019

Here is the analysis, of our staff, on the best systems of projection and use of audio and video content, for our home, related to the year 2019.

Samsung Q90 QLED TV

In first place is Samsung Q90 QLED TV, arguably one of the best home cinema systems you can find on the market at the moment.

The video quality is really great, so much so that you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite programs. The performance of the HDR is incredible and even the viewing angles have been made wider than its predecessor.

All this is complemented by it is truly unique and captivating design that gives a touch of quality to the whole environment.

Unfortunately, despite the excellent quality of this device, it also finds some disadvantages such as the lack of support to Dolby Vision and the speakers that unfortunately do not turn out to be Dolby Atmos.

Despite this, Samsung Q90 QLED TV manages to meet the needs of anyone who wants to own their own cinema at home at a price that varies depending on where you decide to buy it as for example on amazon that you can find it at 1850 euros.


Available in various sizes, including 55, 65 and 75 inches. The weight is 35 kilos, free of 3D mode but in turn equipped with numerous inputs such as 4 HDMI inputs, 3 USB, Ethernet and more.

LG C9 OLED Series

Let's move on to number two on the list, the workhorse of another particularly famous brand.
This device is among the best in the field, managing to compete great for the first place among the 4k TVs of the moment.

Very recommended by all those who have already purchased it, it is in fact equipped with numerous functions, as well as equipped with operating system LG WebOS.


In addition to the many features it has, it has a great operating system and software with artificial intelligence.
Its design is really beautiful, it gives a touch of class in the living room in which it is placed.

Unfortunately, despite the excellent performance, compared to other LCDs lacks brightness. And it doesn't end there, unfortunately it has less powerful speakers than the higher-end LG OLEDs but still good quality.

The price varies depending on the size of the model. For the 55-inch one, the price is 2499 euros, for the 65 inches it is around 2999 euros while for the 77-inch price comes up to 6999 euros.

Samsung Q900R QLED TV

In third place, with the silver medal, we find another samsung product of great quality.

Again, you're talking about a product with exceptional performance. You can find it in various sizes, including the larger model that is able to reach up to 85 inches, allowing you to have the best cinema experience in the comfort of your own home.


As already mentioned, this TV offers excellent quality performance. Its 8k images are really huge and beautiful, with really amazing colors and brightness.

Unfortunately, as was easy to imagine, a high quality product also corresponds to a high price, and this model is no exception. Its price, in fact, corresponds to a whopping 3799 euros, for the 65-inch model, while 5999 for the 75-inch model on the official Samsung website.

Sony Bravia AG9 OLED

Finally, we arrive at the latest product on the list, another brand that is synonymous with quality.
Product worthy of the brand it carries, with great performance. At the software level, thanks to the Android tv system, you can download the main apps including DAZN and RaiPlay.


This device is equipped with a remarkable upscaling, capable of making hd images and with low definition, extremely detailed in this 4k screen. The audio is based on the acoustic Surface, so that the sounds are very pleasant.

Unfortunately, this model also has flaws. First of all, the design that has a backward tilt, and also the lack of hDR10.

Despite this, the product is certainly worthy of consideration and its price matches ranges from 2999 euros for the 55-inch version up to 7999 euros for the 77-inch model.

A selection of quality high-tech Home Cinema, which can be complemented by artisanal productions made with mastery by artisans and technicians for a more demanding niche audience, able to combine taste and high technology in the field of home automation and high fidelity.


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