Digital Marketing Trends 2024

Digital marketing is an ever-growing trend that is slowly gaining the attention of users worldwide and there is a big possibility that it could dominate the world of advertisements.

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  1. Digital Marketing Trends 2024
  2. The Ability To Have A Virtual Shopping Experience
  3. Widespread Advertisements Using Gadgets
  4. Improved Voice Search
  5. Using Podcasts To Boost Marketing
  6. Chatbots Offering Users Additional Assistance
  7. Letting Users Have Access To Interactive Platforms

Digital Marketing Trends 2024

So, how do you endorse your product in such a way that you attract potential customers' attention without trying too hard? First, you choose a platform in which to present your product. Second, you think of creative ways to help users navigate and stay on your application or website.

Are you curious about how all this works? Lucky for you, this article gives you the latest trends that could lead the market in 2024.

The Ability To Have A Virtual Shopping Experience

The online market nowadays utilizes social media as a way to reach potential customers. Applications such as the Instagram report that as much as 60% of their users find and purchase products while using the app. Pinterest also boasts of 70% of customers using the app as a channel to buy many products. A growing number of transactions online keep the virtual shopping trend popular and well-known to almost anyone with a smartphone. The mechanics are as follows:

  • A seller/ company uses sponsored posts to gain customer attention.
  • The user clicks on the picture, and the product's prize appears.
  • Tapping on the price brings the user to the sellers' profile.
  • The user can now browse for more products, and there is an increased chance of buying more items.

Because of this tactic, sellers can now increase the chances of creating traffic in their profiles, as well as breaking barriers when it comes to shopping. Many see this trend as something that can dominate the succeeding years.

Widespread Advertisements Using Gadgets

As time passes by, endorsements become more popular and relevant in smartphones rather than the TV or radio. This shift is because the world of advertising now focuses on the following platforms:

  • Social media
  • Different applications used in tablets, mobiles, and smartphones
  • Video ads
  • Internet Service Providers

When advertisements suddenly appear while using an app, the user most likely sits through the ad, and this increases the chances of the product or business getting noticed, especially if it happens over and over again. According to a study conducted by DemandBase, 80% of the population believes that technology is a big part of the future of digital marketing.

Improved Voice Search

Voice searches didn't have a reputation as good as the one it has nowadays because of faulty sound processing. Luckily, the software improved, and the service is deemed as more practical and needed among users of different ages. Tech enthusiasts see the voice search trend as something that will further spread among smartphone users in the future, especially if businesses start using this platform to reach potential customers. Below are the results of a survey conducted by Flimper Blog:

  • 50% of users research topics and products through voice search.
  • 42% of users see the voice search trend as an essential thing in most devices.
  • Voice search will eventually answer 50% of all questions by users in the next few years.
  • 40% of adults use voice search at least once every day.
  • 25% of users from ages 16 to 24 use voice search on their smartphones.

Many believe that certain internet services will probably start implementing the improvement of this trend to boost sales, attention, and popularity among customers further.

Using Podcasts To Boost Marketing

Podcasts are the latest addition to marketing trends. Users and listeners agree that this platform is the best way to reach listeners most authentically and realistically. Podcasts cater to different types of potential customers: from people on the go to those who want to relax in their homes. Quick and accessible, this platform is an essential factor in digital marketing. Here are reasons why you should start investing your time and efforts into making podcasts:

  • Users love the versatile nature of podcasts.
  • A listener can have access to everything the podcast has to offer, without too much effort on their part.
  • A percentage of the population absorbs more information by listening, not just visually.
  • Users tend to pay more attention to a product mentioned in their preferred podcasts.
  • There is a particular connection between the host and listener, gaining more trust and credibility.
  • Hosts can better explain and endorse a product they want to introduce to customers.

Investing in podcasts also means finding the right materials you need to achieve a successful session. You must put in mind that the key to gaining more listeners is producing high-quality recordings. Here are the things you need:

  • A microphone
  • A digital recorder
  • A computer and smartphone
  • Headphones

Chatbots Offering Users Additional Assistance

Most people know chatbots as "artificial conversational entities" that provide site visitors with assistance and information if needed. Web developers use this type of artificial intelligence to help users when an actual employee is not online. A company uses a chatbot for the following reasons:

  • Speedy replies to concerns regarding how to go through a website.
  • They are helping users solve an issue or complaint.
  • Give users information, facts, and answers to their questions.
  • It gives users a walkthrough on registrations or requests.

Although chatbot still has a long way to go in terms of improvement, people see it as a great way to continue business operations despite not having a live person answering.

Letting Users Have Access To Interactive Platforms

Interacting can mean a lot of things in the digital market. Business owners can post ads, develop applications with filters, allow users to instantly edit a 360-degree video, or let them answer quizzes and polls. Many see this strategy as fun and easy to use, which is why most developers try to improve in this field continually. Here are the main reasons why people see this platform as something that may dominate 2020:

  • It's easy to navigate.
  • Ads don't pop up as much as other platforms allow.
  • Users don't realize the amount of time they're using.
  • You can share and post quizzes and polls, which increases the likelihood of inviting new visitors.
  • Sharing is an instant way of endorsing a product.
  • People have fun answering light and carefree questions.


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