Which is the Best Smart Home System?

Smart home systems are big news right now for all technology enthusiasts, and that is a situation which is set to continue as technology advances. They provide many important advantages for home owners across the globe, from saving on energy bills to better home security or improve our experiences in home entertainment and fruition of movies and videogames.

The question is: which is the best smart home system to invest in?

A question that every technology lover who wants to buy a state-of-the-art home automation system for his home should ask himself. A question to which only a careful analysis on factors such as technological innovation, safety, ease of installation and use and costs can respond.

The point is: you need a system which is easy to use and give you a high level of functionality. Let's take a look at two of the best systems on the market, Control4 and Savant, and discuss which is the best investment.

This will be our first analysis, in future articles we will make some new comparisons between the most famous systems to understand which is the best.

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  1. Our experience about Control 4 system
    1. The analysis of Savant system
  2. Our verdict about this comparison

Our experience about Control 4 system

Control4 does a great job of providing education to its customers. You can find all the resources you need on the website, including a gallery of instructional images and a selection of helpful videos. There is also a cool project planner where you can link your smart goals with local suppliers.

Control4 does not offer security monitoring directly, but you can easily use one its many partners to provide this service.

You can also sign up to use 4Sight which means you can watch security camera feeds once you have a system fitted. There is also a feature called Mockupancy which means that the system can act randomly when you are out, making it look as though you are home.

The ability to easily integrate third-party services gives the system the ability to increase its functions exponentially and modularly.

Control of the Control4 smart home system is easy. Developers offer, even the inexperienced user, a complete and effective documentation for its usage, as well as guides and tips to best adapt Control4 to their needs.

Whether you are using the app, or a touchscreen controller, the experience is identical. A decisive feature that offers an important point to this system.

The analysis of Savant system

Looking on the Savant website, we felt that it's aim is to attract the luxury market.

While there is nothing wrong with that, it can be a little off putting to the average smart home system user. That being said, the images and videos on the website are useful, although not as comprehensive as those provided by Control4.

Our impression is that this system is aimed more at users who want a product that is easier to use but that, at the end, does not allow further development of its functionality.

For security, Savant does not provide a system itself. However, you can ask the dealer about having a system installed. Once this is done, you can view the cameras using the Savant system. A more contained measure compared to Control4 that allows greater integration by external developers.

Savant provides an identical control experience across all devices. It does not provide its own touchscreen controllers but you have the facility to use a conventional tablet instead. A good feaure that allows the user to choose the device more familiar to him.

Our verdict about this comparison

We are giving this one to Control4 which we think is the best overall. It provides great educational support for users so the home control system is easy to use for all kind of people.

It's also easier to integrate the system for security monitoring due to the high number of hardware partners and third part developer that Control4 has.

An effective home control system for all those who want a controls for their house that is of a high standard and ensures technological innovation and luxury, from home cinema to home automation management of all aspects of daily life.

A “must have” for all the enthusiasts of technology who wish to have an interconnected and technological home, safe and efficient.


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