Upskill with top Business Analytics Skills

Business Analytics:

Upskill with top Business Analytics skills and embrace success!

Upskill with top Business Analytics skills

Business analytics is no doubt one of the major technological fields today as digitization and automation continues to gain prominence. Business analytics approaches are instrumental in adding great value to businesses while getting rid of inefficiencies and this is why business analysts are quickly becoming indispensable for business organizations.

Moreover, there is an increasing interest on Business analytics today given the huge potential it possesses. IDC predicts that in 2019 Business analytics solutions will generate a revenue of $189.1 Billion and by 2022 the total revenue would amount to $274.3 billion!

As a result, Business analysts are in high-demand and the field offers great job opportunities. However, many wonders what skills are important for embracing success in business analytics and which business analyst course to pursue.

The Top and in-demand Business Analytics skills:

  • Python or R

Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language which is essential in performing various analytics operations. It is extremely easy to learn and its dedicated data science libraries are adored by business analysts world-wide. Thus, even if you don’t have any coding skills, you will be able to learn Python quickly and most freshers in the business analytics world go for Python.
R is a statistical programming language known for its advantages in analytics and is preferred by experts. Used by the veteran in Data science and Data analytics, R commands a good popularity and although harder to learn than Python yet it is extremely rewarding.

Both R and Python are open-source and are highly popular. Thus, picking up Python or R skills is essential for success in the world of analytics.

  • SQL or NoSQL

Among the most important tools than a business analyst use is SQL. It is a language for working with data bases and given the prominence of Big data, SQL is extremely important for any aspiring Business analyst hoping to work for tech giants as companies like Google and Amazon now mostly deals with Big data.

NoSQL is a modern approach to databases and will gain importance in the near future and thus, picking up NoSQL skills too can help a lot to achieve success in business analytics.

  • SAS and Tableau

Both SAS and Tableau are point-and-click software packages of business analysts for performing quick and efficient analytics works. These are premium platforms offering good advantages like data security and 24*7 support which is why many institutions prefer using them and hire professionals with skills in such platforms. Moreover, both SAS and Tableau are known for their data visualization capabilities which in itself is an important skill in business analytics.

Hence, you must go for a business analyst course offering training in such in-demand skills and build a successful career in data analytics.

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