Tips To Maintain Cool Top Apartment During Summer

During the hot summer season, it is not easy to stay outside for a long time. Therefore, most people prefer to stay indoors. But, our indoor is not comfortable during the sweltering summer season, especially if you are living in the top apartment.

It is possible to maintain a good temperature and pleasant atmosphere in the top apartment of your home. Here, in this article, we are going to reveal secret tips to maintain cool top apartment during the summer season:

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    1. Insulate Your Attic
    2. Dehumidifier
    3. Close Blinds & Curtain During Day Time
    4. Maintain Ideal Body Temperature
    5. Avoid Cooking Inside Your Home
    6. Keep Your Lights Off
    7. Keep Your Door Closed
    8. Maintain Door And Window Insulation

    Insulate Your Attic

If the temperature in the attic rises beyond a certain level, then it affects the temperature of your top apartment. People who are residing on the top floor will feel the bad impact of rising temperatures in the attic.  To prevent the top apartment from the bad impact of rising heat, then you should implement the process of heat insulation.

You should always check the insulation between the attic and the apartment. It should be in good condition so that your top apartment remains cool.   If you find any problem, then immediately call a professional to fix the problem.

  1. Dehumidifier

Mostly heat is accompanied by high humidity level. Excessive humidity in the atmosphere will aggravate the bad condition, and it also affects the cooling mechanism of your body. Due to hot weather, your body will produce a huge amount of sweat. But, due to high humidity in the atmosphere, sweat produced by your body will not evaporate.

Therefore, you will feel hotter, miserable, and sticky. The best way to deal with this situation is to install a dehumidifier. You can also install the latest technology air conditioning Sydney. This air conditioner will maintain the ideal temperature and also reduces humidity from the air.

  1. Close Blinds & Curtain During Day Time

There are various advantages of sunlight. But, during the hot sweltering summer season, you should prevent your house form the entrance of sunlight. If you want to keep your room cool during summer, then you should keep curtain and blinds closed during day time. It will help to keep your room cooler as compared to the outside weather.

  1. Maintain Ideal Body Temperature

It is recommended to pay attention to your body temperature. You should try to maintain the ideal body temperature. You should keep yourself inside your home and maintain a cool temperature in your house. High temperatures can take a toll on your health.

Therefore, you should keep monitoring your body temperature and make sure that it does not cross the ideal. You should wear breathable clothes so that your body remains cool. You should prefer to wear cotton fabric clothes so that sweat evaporates and create a cooling effect.  Also, you should keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

  1. Avoid Cooking Inside Your Home

Meal preparation inside your home can further increase the temperature. Therefore, during the hot sweltering summer season, you should start cooking outside of your house. You should avoid using the oven during the day.

Also, you should prepare your meal during the cool temperature of the day. That means you should cook food either in the morning or in the evening. You should utilize your backyard for meal preparation during a hot sweltering summer season.

  1. Keep Your Lights Off

Lighting fixtures and other electronic and electrical gadgets will further add heat to your house. Thus, you should keep lights and other gadgets off when they are not required. You should also unplug them from the sockets. The incandescent bulbs produce more heat as compare to the latest technology LED lighting fixtures.

If your house still has old-style incandescent bulbs, then you should replace them with new technology LED lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures also consume less energy. Thus, they help in reducing the monthly utility bills.

  1. Keep Your Door Closed

You should keep your doors closed so that the cool air does not escape out from your house. This technique will help you to maintain cooler temperatures for a long time. It will help to keep your home cool and comfortable, even during the hottest day of the summer season.  You should also install ducted air conditioning Sydney in your house to maintain the ideal temperature and keep the door closed.

  1. Maintain Door And Window Insulation

You should consider the installation of energy-efficient doors & windows. The doors & windows with insulation help to prevent your home from rising temperatures. You should always keep a check on the insulation of doors and windows.

It is an undeniable fact that optimum insulation and tight seal help in the prevention of escaping cool air and the entrance of hot air inside your home. In this way, your top apartment in your house will remain cool in a hot sweltering summer.


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