FlexClip Online Video Editor Makes Marketing Campaigns Easier

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FlexClip Online Video Editor Makes Marketing Campaigns Easier

It is an undisputed fact that the technological advances brought by modernity have brought several changes in various human sectors of great significance. Among them was the way of marketing, which, combined with innovations in communication, has undergone a revolution and today uses these advances to be more effective and reach a large number of people through the numerous resources available.

It has become common for entrepreneurs to use increasingly modern and affordable forms of technology to reach audiences and succeed in their marketing campaigns. Today, videos are a new and effective way to introduce increasingly used public products. Facing the creation of a professional-looking video for the marketing campaigns without having programming knowledge is, in many cases, a headache. In this article, we would like to introduce one of the easiest video editing tools online, FlexClip, to help anyone who wants to use this feature in their campaigns.

FlexClip Online Video Editor

What’s FlexClip?

FlexClip Video Editor is a great free online video editor compatible with all types of computers. It combines an easy to understand user interface with a wide range of movie editing features and supports all major media file formats. It allows you to create montages with photos, videos, and music, cut videos, add transitions, titles, logo, background audio and much more. It also lets you trim the videos, rotate them, flip them, tweak the audio, and more.

FlexClip Online Video Editor

Some key features of FlexClip video editor:


To trim the part of the video precisely, you need to move to the appropriate panel and click the scissors icon. You will see the trimming page with yellow sliders, resize to your liking and even here click on trim video button to get the final result.

FlexClip Online Video Editor


The audio function lets you add music, and trim your audio files at will without downloading complex software on your device. We will also have the audio feature from where you can adjust the volume by lowering or raising, or keep the music in loop playback mode.

FlexClip Online Video Editor


FlexClip enables you to choose from a variety of text animations that are pre-made with the perfect typography. And then,  in the text box, you can write what you want and then decide on the most suitable font. Of course, it is possible to move the text wherever you want freely.

FlexClip Online Video Editor


The transition between the videos or photos is obtained by clicking on the transition icon and choosing from the list the effect you need. Unfortunately, the duration cannot be decided, and it sets automatically.

FlexClip Online Video Editor


Let’s finish by adding your logo to protect the copyright of your videos. All you need to do is upload your own logo and enter the necessary message to make it the way you want.

FlexClip Online Video Editor

Export video

We arrive at the final stage. Are you satisfied with the work you’ve done? At the top right, you can click on Export the video and decide the output quality, as well as the name of the video.

FlexClip Online Video Editor

Final Words

If you are looking for an easy-to-use video maker that can produce professional results in the area of marketing campaigns, why not try FlexClip online video editor? In addition, it offers vast video templates from the company itself, which meets all your needs in creating professional videos for business occasions.

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