5 Best Digital Measuring Tools Make Your Life Easier

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5 Best Digital Measuring Tools Make Your Life Easier

Digital Measuring Tools

We have been using conventional measuring tapes on our workstation for a long time by this time they have become old-fashioned and can be time-consuming. That’s why we should always use laser measuring devices on our workstation to get professional level measurement. These devices allow us to measure distance without moving an inch and makes our everyday measurement experienced efficient and convenient.

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  1. Urcert Laser Measure
  2. Bosch GLM 35
  3. Stanley TLM330
  4. Bosch GLM 50 C
  5. Leica DISTO X4

Urcert Laser Measure

A device that has the ability to calculate area and volume automatically, this digital measuring device can measure up to 40 meters with an accuracy of +/- 2mm. The built-in bubble levels will help you to get more precise results. It comes with a large LCD display with backlight which provides better visibility to work and shows data in any conscience. The display will show you results in meter feet and inch. It contains multiple measurements with this you can do area measurement continuous measurement and volume measurement. You can also get into Pythagoras mode to get better results. This device has addition or subtraction functionality so the user can add or subtract measurements to conveniently calculate distance. This tool has a data storage that can save maximum 30 units of history data making. You don’t have to worry about losing your data during use the cursor and laser measure is a portable tool with five single buttons. Which makes it easier for you to manage the device in one hand if you are looking for a budget spending measure for your everyday work then Urcert Laser Measure should be a perfect choice for you.

Bosch GLM 35

Bosch is a pioneer and a world leader in making construction tools for a long time now meet Bosch GLM 35 a laser measurement tool for your everyday work. The GLM 35 uses Bosch laser technology which will allow you to precisely measure distances up to 120 feet with accuracy of +/- 1/16 inch. So now you can accurately measure bigger spaces with ease. It has a backlit display that allows measurements to be easily read in better resolution even in dark areas. The display will be visible to you the GLM 35 has multiple measuring functions like area distance length volume and continuous measurement. This device has addition subtraction functionality so the user can add or subtract the measurements to conveniently. The measurement score in the display will change in real time if you move closer and further from the target. It is compact and small enough to fit in any pocket and it is very good when making measurements. The GLM 35 is a great measuring tool.

Stanley TLM330

Stanley is a great tool to accurately measure distance built to provide your professional level measurement within seconds. The TLM 330 can measure distance up to 330 with an accuracy of plus or minus one millimeter. It can calculate area and volume you can utilize Pythagoras to calculate distance when point A or B is inaccessible. It has a backlit LCD screen with three line display which provides visibility in all working conditions. It also has a memory functionality that stores the last 20 measurements for reference which helps to improve efficiency on the job side. You can mount this device on a tripod to get more accurate information from the measure. It is a lightweight device with over molded housing and water-resistant casing which provides durability in rugged conditions. The TLM 330 is ideal for anyone who wants easily and precisely measured distance and calculate area in the workstation.

Bosch GLM 50 C

A Bluetooth enabled laser distance measure, that measure distances with extreme accuracy and quality. It can measure distances from up to 165 feet with plus or minus 1 by 16 inches accuracy so it will not disappoint you while measuring something. The GLM 50 C comes with an upgraded color display with backlighting and large numbers make it extremely easy to read. The screen also rotates depending on how you are measuring. This device includes a lot of measuring functionalities like length area volume and indirect measuring. It has clear simple interface which makes it easy to change between measuring different aspects of an object. The built-in inclinometer makes indirect measuring faster the environment also enables this device to measure angles. It has Bluetooth functionality to conveniently transfer and store data in the official Bosch app. The app will provide clear digital project overview photos and notes often measurement data like watch your favorite movie on the site like Movie Hustle. Bosch GLM 50 C is pocket sized tool and it is loaded with disk many features. Which makes it the perfect measuring device for your professional world.

Leica DISTO X4

Getting precise measurement can be hard sometimes and the DISTO X4 from Leica is here to improve your professional work. It can measure distance from up to 500 feet so now you can measure distance in a large and wide area. The X4 comes with a rotating display which keeps the measurement in line with the device. So you can easily read the screen from any angle so that you can easily determine horizontal distances with absolute precision. This measuring device has built-in Bluetooth you can connect your DISTO X4 with a digital planner. The app offers many functions such as smart room measure façade DFX export rotational floor plans detailed pdf documents and basic 2d sketch plan with all these features. Now you can do your job more efficiently. DISTO X4 is a small device but it has a robust design with an IP65 waterproof rating meaning you can do your job of measuring without worry. Even when there is rain DISTO X4 is great measuring device which can enhance your professional work at site easily.


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